The Proceedings of the Conference will be published as a Topical Volume in The European Physical Journal C. The publication will be electronic only. Please note that every article will be reviewed before publication. Only talks presented at the Conference will be published in the Proceedings.


The manuscripts should be prepared with LaTeX2e in the two-column format of EPJC. The authors should download the following files and follow the instructions:

(All Template-Files included in a ZIP-File) (List of individual Files)

Submission and Deadline

The LaTeX source files and figure sources together with a printable postscript file of the compiled manuscript should be sent to the following address (not later than October 15th, 2003):

If your submission contains figures we ask you to send your files as a single tar-archive or as a uu-encoded file. Windows users may send their contribution as a single zip-file.

Alternatively, if the authors have sent their contribution to the hep-archives, they may simply send the archive number to the address above.

The authors will be notified when their contribution has been accepted for publication.

It is important for authors who spoke at a parallel session to mention the parallel session by name or number during the submission.

Page Limits

The page limit is 3 pages for talks of 20min or less allocated time in parallel sessions, 5 pages for talks with more than 20min allocated time, and 16 pages for plenary talks.

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